Synthetic Phosphate replacement
for processed meat

In TOROWHITE we have developed a synthetic phosphate replacement solution for processed meat.

Our solution to replace synthetic phosphate in processed meat is meant for you if…

  • You use synthetic phospate and you want a natural and healthy alternative.

TOROWHITE products are a healthy alternative to replace synthetic phosphate in processed meat.

Phosphates are salts and esters of phosphoric acid and are not inherently evil or hazardous. Many foods contain natural phosphates, which are healthy and even essential for the body and its functions. According to researchers, however, daily consumption of artificial phosphates has doubled in recent years. Now, synthetic phosphates are also present in food and beverages. Most of them are freely soluble and are therefore absorbed almost entirely by the body. Recent studies show that even a slight increase in blood phosphate levels in healthy individuals can cause significant damage; the interior walls of the blood vessels transform and calcify, which can result in heart failure, strokes, osteoporosis and can damage your kidneys.

We have successfully replaced synthetic phosphate with our products and we have patented it.

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    Benefits of our product
    • Natural alternative to synthetic phosphate
    • Safe and globally accepted food additive
    • Metabolizable with nutritional benefits
    • No change in taste
    Benefits for the application
    • Easy switch in the current recipes
    • No processes needed to be changed
    • No interference of other additives, acid-stable

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