TOROWHITE is a brand of calcium sulfate anhydrite and calcium sulfate dihydrate products offering solutions for the food, polymers and biopolymers industries.

Our product portfolio and the solutions we offer are based on our joint efforts together with leading R&D institutions across Europe to exploit the potential of the purest calcium sulfate in already known as well as in new food and polymer & biopolymer applications.

TOROWHITE belongs to Toro Gips S.L. a company committed to exploring the full potential of a 100% natural product and the benefits it can offer to consumers by supporting the creation of healthy, convenient and sustainable products.

Our factory located in Albalate del Arzobispo in Teruel (Spain), sources its calcium sulfate from the nearby Virgen de los Arcos gypsum mine. Its distinctive factor is the purity of the natural gypsum, exceeding 99% which makes it one of the most unique raw materials worldwide.

Our sales office in Barcelona, manages our global network of distributors and direct customers and covers and handles the demands and enquiries of customers all over the world.


Our mission is to develop and provide the most innovative natural calcium sulfate solutions that improve the products in consumers’ daily lives.


We want to be the global reference for high-quality natural calcium sulfate-based solutions.

Our values are embedded in our corporate culture, in the people who are part of our team and in everything we do.


We dare to think differently. We embrace the unconventional and approach new technologies and application areas, constantly looking for new and better ways to add value. Our efforts in R&D help us constantly raise the bar. + more


Only the best is good enough for us. From our raw material, to our production process, packaging and our partners’ final product, we strive to deliver the highest quality and value. We seek constant feedback from our stakeholders to maintain this level of quality. + more


Our customers are our partners, their success is our success. As with our suppliers, we are committed to jointly finding the best possible solutions. For this, we believe in going the extra mile to support our team members, our partners and their businesses.


We believe in what we do – and we believe in the added value of our products and the benefits they bring to our direct partners, to their customers and to society as a whole. The belief in our business is the biggest driver and the source of our passion.

Team / Diversity

Our team is the engine of our business. Their passion and commitment make ideas turn into reality. Our unique combination of world-class experts, who are highly diverse in terms of background, functional field, markets, countries and cultures, are the key to our success. + Join the team


We think big and long-term. This implies thinking of the effects of everything we do. From building production sites to creating jobs and serving our customers, we do this standing behind our responsibility towards our stakeholders, society and the environment.