At Toro Gips quality is part of our company’s DNA, quality that has its roots in the unique nature of our natural products which are based on the high purity raw materials from which we manufacture the products that make up the TOROWHITE product portfolio.

We are aware of the high-quality requirements of our clients and final users, as well as the impact that our products have on final products’ quality; in addition to the use of raw materials of the highest quality and purity, at Toro Gip S.L. we pursue the continuous improvement of our processes and environmental conditions.

Toro Gips S.L.’s vision is to be the global reference for solutions based on high-quality natural calcium sulfate as an alternative to other products.

The product portfolio and solutions we offer under the TOROWHITE brand are based on our joint efforts together with leading R&D institutions across Europe to exploit the potential of the highest purity calcium sulfate in applications for foods, polymers and biopolymers, among others.

We act with the aim to meet the highest requirements and expectations of our clients and interested parties, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements ruling the markets we address.

Our quality policy is reflected in our values, embedded in our corporate culture, in the people who form our team and in everything we do:

To achieve our vision and meet our business goals, the company’s Management has implemented in Toro Gips a Quality Management System based on the certification ISO 9001: 2015, committing to comply with the applicable requirements within the regulatory and legal framework that covers as well food safety. The aim is to achieve continuous improvement on the Quality Management System of the company.

Toro Gips’s continuous commitment is also reflected in the additional ongoing certification projects to ensure safety and added value of its products in all the applications covering he different target markets.

If you have any questions about our certifications and application fields of TOROWHITE products, do not hesitate to contact us.