The main differential characteristic of the products that make up the TOROWHITE portfolio is the extremely high purity of more than 99% of its raw material calcium sulfate. Its 100% natural product opens the doors to new applications in a range of market segments that, until Toro Gips’ entry, had mostly not been explored. The reason: the limited availability of a product of this very high purity and the consequent lack of exploration of all its possibilities.

In order to exploit their full potential and the benefits that its products offer in a wide range of markets and applications, Toro Gips has developed its own “360° R&D” strategy based on exclusive collaborations with worldwide leading research entities, globally recognized for their achievements in their areas of expertise.

These institutions, far from providing a mere outsourced agency service, have become the R&D departments of Toro Gips, segmented by application areas which they explore  exclusively for the company. This strategy is what we call our “360° R&D” approach and it allows us to cover with the best professionals of world recognition in their areas of specialization, in-depth exploration and improvement of each and every one of the areas of application of our products.

The value of the professionals involved and the work they carry out for the company is invaluable measured in the additional market potentials it opens up and the enormous differentiation potentials explored against competing products.

Through “360° R&D °” Toro Gips guarantees the in-depth exploration of the potentials linked to new applications by the best experts. It is a promoter of research projects opening doors to new areas of application and potentials to be exploited by its customers. This “360° R&D” approach is the backbone that allows the company to boost its portfolio of solutions through innovation, the contribution of added value and the increased ability of its customers to differentiate.