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Enhancing food taste and textures in a natural and healthy way

TOROWHITE PHAG 01 Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate for Pharmaceuticals is a natural organic excipient that will not interfere with essential active pharmaceutical ingredients.

As a carrier or as a component of the carrier of the active substance(s) to contribute to product attributes such as stability, biopharmaceutical profile, appearance, and patient acceptability.

Main Benefits
  • As a calcium supplement, which is important for cell and bone growth
  • As a whitening agent/coloring agent
  • Creates an inexpensive binder, coating, filler, disintegrant or bulking agent for tablets and capsules reducing the need for synthetic polymers and other non-organic agents
  • Versatility in particle size, pore structure, permeability, and rheology as an ingredient in oral, topical, or parenteral uses and applications
  • An inactive ingredient tablet excipient
  • Acts as a matrix former and prolonges the release of the drug
  • to facilitate absorption; to improve stability, taste, and appearance; or to render the therapeutic tamper resistant