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Exciting challenges we are getting ready to tackle!

Torowhite is committed to providing solutions for our clients based on their specific needs and applications. For this reason we develop new products, better services, and we also constantly support our clients to respond to specific demands.

Upcoming Solutions
  • Paints
  • Biomedical, Bio Composites
  • Bone Void Filler / Bone Reparation
  • Paper industry
  • Special additives, adhesives and polishing materials
R&D prospects

Physico-chemical modification of CaSO4 fillers to allow the production of polymer composites with high added value for specific end-use applications.

Hybrid formulations characterized by multifunctional end-use properties
(UV protection, antibacterial, flame retardancy, electrical properties, others)

Future Food Applications
  • 3D-Printing
  • Fat substitution in gel-like products
  • Alginate and Calcium Sulfate as thickener and gelling agent

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