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Significantly lower production costs for higher profitability

Calcium sulfate with a very high level of purity can partially substitute titanium dioxide as a white colorant. Proof of this application advantage are tests carried out with different types of plastic that  show optimal whitening effects without impact on functional properties.

TOROWHITE calcium sulfate of the highest whiteness extends TiO2 in white color masterbatches. In addition a multitude of pastel colors could be also achieved by its addition.

Its high purity, resistance to weak acids and good stability at high temperature, its particle shape and size as well as its narrow particle size distribution and the potential for cost savings it offers, make it an excellent extender in polymers.

Main Benefits
  • Excellent whiteness (L-value >96)
  • Very good results in terms of brightness and opacity
  • Increases machine longevity and reduces tool wear due to its low Mohs hardness
  • Low water absorption.
  • Made from 100% Calcium Sulfate
  • Resistance to weak acids
  • Good stability at high temperatures
  • Odourless and nonabrasive.
  • Significant reduction of production costs
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